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Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Research Participant Registry

James Malec, Ph.D. – Principal Investigator The purpose of RHI’s Research Participant Registry is to create a RHI Research Participant Registry of individuals who are interested in participating or who… Read More

IU InterFACE Center at Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

The IU Interactive and Functional Assessment of Communication and Emotion Center is a natural observation laboratory designed to research emotional and behavioral deficits in people with neurological, psychological, and developmental… Read More

Resource Facilitation-Best Practices Manual for Return to Work/School

Resource Facilitation: Indiana Best Practices Manual for Return-to- Work or Return-to-School     Click on the read more button to get a link to download the full manual.  Once you… Read More

Multicenter Evaluation of Memory Remediation after TBI with Donepezil (MEMRI-TBI-D Study)

Multicenter Evaluation of Memory Remediation after TBI with Donepezil (MEMRI-TBI-D Study) March 10, 2015 Flora Hammond, MD (PI); Funded by National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).  This study… Read More

Brain Injury Association of America ~ The Challenge

Flora M. Hammond, M.D. is featured as one of the TBI Model Systems Researchers in the Fall Edition of the Brain Injury Association of America ‘The Challenge’ Publication. Click on… Read More

RHI Power Soccer Teams Close Out Their Season’s Strong! August 12th, 2014
Both the RHI Inferno and the RHI Indy Cruisers played in the USPSA & MK Battery Conference Cup Series in Indianapolis, IN on June 13-15th. The Inferno team was very excited to play their cup tournament in their home city of Indianapolis. They competed and learned as they played throughout the weekend. In their last game before the quarterfinals, Brandon Garner scored from a kick off allowing the Inferno to win their game 2-1. Inferno finished in first place in the Founders Conference and six overall in the Presidents Conference. Overall, the Inferno fought really hard and we cannot wait to see what they will do next season.

The Cruisers once again had a successful weekend cruising past their competition in the early stages. The first game was won easily 4-1, as Kyle Albertson scored 2 goals with one assist and Lexi Heer scored the other two goals. In Game two Kyle Albertson and Lexi Heer were scoring machines with a combined 5 goals, and Michael Rodriguez kicked in one more goal for an astounding 6-1 win. Game three was more challenging. The Cruisers were down at half time, but Albertson with two goals and Rodriguez scoring the winning goal allowed the Cruisers to continue their perfect record thus far in the tournament. After Heer took a one game break from scoring she scored two goals in the fourth game to give the Cruisers a 2-0 victory. The final game was the Championship game verse the top seeded team in the tournament, the Minnesota Shock Wave’s. At the end of the first half the Cruisers were down 3-0. In the second half Lexi Heer was able to score two goals, but the Cruisers fell short losing 5-2. With the second place finish in the tournament the team will move up to the Premier Cup next year. Congratulations to the Cruisers, and we look forward to what they can accomplish moving forward!

RHI Sudden Impact started their 2014 Premier Cup campaign on June 26th in Mesa, AZ against theTampa Thunder. Impact came out strong with two goals scored by JC Russo and Ginny Munson, but the Thunder were able to equalize the game in the second half ending in a 2-2 tie. Moving forward to the second match verse the SoCal Vaqueros, the Impact came out victorious with a 4-1 win. Russo had one goal and Munson had a hat trick. The final game of the day was against the home team’s Sun Devil Power Soccer Club. It was a tough fought match ending in a 5-4 loss for the Impact. JC Russo and Zack Dickey each scored a goal and Ginny Munson had two goals. The following day the team had to beat the Minnesota Magic to move to the quarterfinals and with Russo and Munson each scoring two goals the Impact claimed a 4-1 win moving out of group play. In the quarterfinals the team played CNY United who were to overpowering and had a 3-0 win. The final day of the tournament the Sudden Impact played for fifth place against their fellow Indiana team, the Turnstone Flyers. The entire match was very even, but they fell short with a 1-0 loss to the Flyers. With a 6th place finish in the 2014 Premier Cup Coach Tom Dickey proudly stated, “Last year we were in the cup below premier. We were an unknown commodity. We tied the runner up and lost to the champ by one. You are now a feared team. A team that can beat anybody.”