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RHI Sports Clinics


RHI offers individuals who want to experience the thrill of water sports a chance to participate in the sport of adaptive sailing. This program encourages the development of social networks, greater self-confidence, and overall personal well-being. Sailing can be adapted to specific disabilities and to the type of boat being used. The most popular boats used for adaptive sailing are those with large seating areas. The larger area gives individuals more room to move while steering. However, participants must be cautious that balance and strength are important when sailing in order to keep the boat balanced during strong winds. Some boats even have built-in seats equipped with seatbelts for increased stability for those individuals with limited core strength. For additional information please check out these websites:

For additional information about SAILING U.S. Wheelchair Sports
U.S. Paralympics Team

Anyone wanting an activity that is high in excitement and physical intensity needs to consider rock climbing. RHI sports program provides it’s members with an indoor rock climbing experience at beginning levels with the use of adaptive equipment. A Swami-belt with adapted leg hoops is ideal for individuals with limited lower limb use which has custom ascenders and chest harnesses that attach for a stable hold onto the rope. Chest harnesses are a must for adaptive rope climbing. There is equipment which can assist with ascending techniques such as adaptive pull-up bars with a custom runner attached.

Rock climbing is a great activity to increase physical fitness, self-esteem and confidence. For additional information about rock climbing please visit:

For additional information about ROCKCLIMBING No Limits
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