A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent


Is there wifi available?

Yes, wifi access is available to our patients and their caregivers.

Is it permissible for patients and their caregivers to use a computer in the hospital?

There is a common computer in the library with limited access to the internet. Individuals are permitted to use their personal laptops as long as it does not interfere with therapy.

Can patients and visitors use cell phones at RHI?

Cell phones are permitted but we ask that that users be courteous and respectful to those around you.

Can my children visit me?

Anyone can visit you during visiting hours. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

How many visitors may I have?

To maintain a healing environment, we request only 2 visitors per patient in a room at one time. Common areas are available throughout the facility for larger groups.

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