A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent
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Healing Garden made possible by RHI Foundation

Made possible by the RHI Foundation

Healing Garden - Spring 2012

Donating to RHI: 

Stepping up in the past; preparing for the future


Patients, their families and friends donate to advance RHI and make it a caring, healing and hope-filled organization.  Gifts to RHI today assure that we can fulfill the hospital’s mission of positively changing the lives of the patients who will follow tomorrow.



The RHI Foundation is an essential member of the RHI care-giving team.   Through the generosity of our patients, patient family members and community organizations, the foundation enhances the RHI staff’s ability to provide state of the art rehabilitation services.



The RHI Foundation receives and administers philanthropic contributions that:

  • Support  RHI’s world class applied research endeavors such as the testing of
    interventions that support family coping, rejoining the community, and returning to work
  • Facilitate the purchase of new therapy equipment like standing frames, treadmills
    and adaptive technology
  • Provide staff training in new areas such as Parkinson’s therapy
  • Make possible facility improvements like the Healing Garden
  • Supply discharge needy patients with drugs or equipment
  • Improve individuals’ quality of life through support of the RHI Sports Program
    and the purchase of a new van for the Return to Driving Program



For more information about either the RHI Foundation or ways you can give, call Mindi Fox at (317) 329-2197 or email mindi.fox@rhin.com or Jeanine Stellmack at (317) 329-2281 or email jeanine.stellmack@rhin.com