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RHI Sports Clinics

Sled Hockey

For those ice hockey lovers RHISP offers sled hockey to a variety of individuals with different disabilities!  Majority of the rules that apply to ice hockey also apply to sled hockey, on exception of the modifications to equipment.  Major modifications in sled hockey refer to players sitting in designed sleds that have to ice skating blades on the bottom, instead of one stick players are allowed two sticks that have pics on the handle side of the stick to help create momentum, and the major modification to goalies is the back of their gloves are outfitted with pics instead of just their stick. 

Sled hockey can be played on majority of all rinks, however, there are only a few in the United States designed for sled hockey in mind. Specific modifications to the rink include allowing players sleds to go right into the bench area.  In order to do this the bench area is made of ice on the floor and instead of boards, clear plexiglass is used to allow players to stay in the game.


Elite Skating Sled Hockey Program


Playing golf is a favorite pastime for many, but it can also be played on the more competitive level with no adaptations to the rules just the equipment.

Golf can be played by many individuals with different disabilities. For the individuals who might be unable to grip the club, there are gloves that secure the club to your hand. Individuals can also play golf directly from their wheelchair, in which case shorter clubs are often an effective adaptation. Specially designed golf carts are another great way for individuals with spinal cord or lower extremity injuries to play golf from an upright position by raising and lowering the seat. The cart is all hand controlled and the tires do not have treads, so you can take them onto the green. For additional information about golf please check out the following websites:

For additional information about GOLF National Amputee Golf Association
United States Golf Association

Snow skiing can be an exciting and difficult adapted sport for people of all ages and disabilities. Once a year RHI provides the opportunity for individuals to experience the challenging sport of snow skiing. People with visual impairments can use many different types of skis ranging from 2-track, 3-track and 4-track skis which increase the level of participation. Sit-skis, which are also used in waterskiing, are used by individuals with spinal cord injuries, while individuals with spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, brain injury and/or limp amputation use mono-skis and bi-skis. There are many styles of poles that can be used and are determined by the ski being utilized, such as short picks, standard, twelve-inch, and kayak poles. For additional information please take a look at the following websites:

For additional information about SNOW SKIING The International Blind Sport Federation's (IBSA)
The U.S. Disabled Ski Team
The U.S. Paralympic Team

Scuba diving may seem like a complex sport for people with disabilities, but it does not require many adaptations in equipment. The scuba diving clinics RHI facilitates provides opportunities for participants to feel a sense of freedom, independence and general well-being because of the buoyancy of the “barrier-free” water environment. However, buoyancy may also cause problems for scuba diving as a result of not using leg muscles. Weight belts can be used to compensate for the limited use of leg muscles and assist in maintaining body position. For more information please check out these websites:

For additional information about SCUBA DIVING International Association for Handicapped Divers
Handicapped Scuba Association International
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