A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent


Who is eligible to participate with the sports program?

Any individual with a physical disability can participate with RHI Sports.

Are there competitive teams with the RHI Sports program?

RHI Sports does have competitive teams to go along with the recreational activities provided.

How can I stay in touch with what is going on with the RHI Sports Program?

RHI Sports Program has an email distribution list where potential participants are notified of upcoming events.  RHISP also has a monthly e-newsletter that includes updates on recent events and news on upcoming events.    Contact RHI Sports to be included on those lists.

Do you have a need for volunteers at events?

Volunteers are needed from time to time to help RHI Sports with putting on tournaments and fundraising events.

Is there a physician form that needs to be completed prior to participating on teams or events?

Athletes must have a form completed and signed by their doctor/physician prior to participating with RHISP teams and some recreational clinics.  Please contact RHI Sports for this form.

What will I be doing when I am not in therapy?

When not in therapy, patients typically rest, visit with friends and family, or find some form of recreation.

Can my family join me in therapy sessions?

Yes! Families are strongly encouraged to attend therapy sessions to observe and ask questions, especially those who will be the primary caregiver after discharge.

How many hours of therapy will I have each day?

Patients have 3-5 hours of therapy a day during the week. Weekend therapy is reduced to allow you to rest and visit with family and friends.

What time does my therapy start?

Inpatient therapy begins at 8:30a.m.

Can my family physician or specialist follow me to RHI?

If your physician/specialist is not currently granted staff privileges at RHI, they are able to apply for temporary privileges.

Are there hotels close by where my family and friends stay at discounted rates?

The reception desk has a list of all of the hotels in the area, along with a list of many hotels that offer discounts to our patients’ friends and caregivers.

Can patients have a large group join to celebrate events such as birthdays and anniversaries?

Caregivers can reserve a conference room, depending on availability, on weekdays after 6:00 p.m., and on weekends. Arrangements can be made through a discharge planner, the reception desk, or through the administration executive assistant.

Can patients go outside with visitors?

Weather permitting and with approval of their nursing unit, patients are encouraged to go outside with assistance.

Can my friends and family take me out to eat?

In some cases, patients are allowed to dine out with caregivers if it is a therapeutic activity. Insurance will need to approve this activity if their caregivers have been checked off and approved by RHI.

Can my family bring me food from outside of RHI?.

Your friends and family may bring you food in to RHI after confirming any dietary restrictions or requirements with your nurse.

Can my family/friends eat with me?

Your friends and family may join you in the dining room for meals.

How will my family find me if they come to visit me while I am in therapy?

If family or friends cannot find you in your room, the unit staff can inform them whether you are in therapy and where they can find you.

Can visitors spend the night?

Visitors are not permitted to spend the night out of respect for privacy of the other patients. Accommodations can be made for caregivers and caregivers at nearby hotels at discounted rates.

Can my pets visit me?

Your dog may visit with the written permission of your physician, and upon the provision of proper documentation of current vaccinations. Please note that you will be issued a special tag for the dog’s collar. Your dog will not be allowed to visit without the special tag.

Do all rooms have phones with their own numbers so family and friends can call?

Yes, all patient rooms have phones for local calls, and can receive calls. Long distance calls can be made using a calling card.

Can I smoke at RHI?

All RHI facilities are smoke free.  Caregivers and visitors need to leave RHI property if they wish to smoke. Patients are not allowed to use tobacco products and cannot leave the property. Patients may speak with their physician to obtain medication to address this issue while they complete their rehabilitation at RHI.

Will I have a private room at RHI?

Rooms are semi-private at RHI.

How do we go about buying the needed equipment?

The discharge planners are the best resource for assisting you with these.

What kind of equipment will we need to buy when we go home?

Necessary equipment will depend on your progress and will be recommended by your therapists at the end of your stay. Your discharge planner will work with you to coordinate delivery of any needed equipment.

How will I get home from RHI?

A pending discharge date will be established by your treatment team based on your rehabilitation goals, progress toward the goals, and medical stability. Your RHI discharge planner will help coordinate transportation with you. Discharge is usually around at 10:00am.

When can I go home?

A discharge day target will be determined by a weekly conference including your physician, discharge planner, charge nurse and therapists.

How can I schedule a tour of RHI to see if it is right for me or my loved one?

Please call 317-329-2000 to make arrangements for touring the facility. Calling ahead is recommended so a tour guide will be ready for you.

How do I know if I am eligible for rehab at RHI?

If you are interested in being admitted to RHI, you should ask the discharge case manager or social worker at the hospital to notify RHI that you would like RHI to evaluate you for admission. A family member may also call the RHI admissions department to make the referral. A RHI Clinical Liaison will come evaluate you to see if you meet the RHI admission guidelines. RHI must also determine whether you meet the medicare / insurance criteria for admission as well.

Is there wifi available?

Yes, wifi access is available to our patients and their caregivers.

Is it permissible for patients and their caregivers to use a computer in the hospital?

There is a common computer in the library with limited access to the internet. Individuals are permitted to use their personal laptops as long as it does not interfere with therapy.

Can patients and visitors use cell phones at RHI?

Cell phones are permitted but we ask that that users be courteous and respectful to those around you.

How late can I accept phone calls?

Quiet time begins at 9 P.M. Phone calls should be limited after this time to allow time for adequate sleep and rejuvenation. Patients should be considerate of their roommates and neighbors.

Can I make a collect call?

Yes. Simply  call the front desk to have them transfer you to an operator.

Are laundry services provided?

Caregivers are responsible for laundry, and laundry facilities are available on each unit for caregivers to use. Tide detergent is available free of charge. Caregivers may also take clothing home to be laundered.

How long will I be at RHI?

Length of stay varies and is dependent on the patient’s diagnosis and progress. Your RHI team will be able to better estimate your length of stay once initial evaluations are completed. Assessments are individual and are not pre-determined.

Will my insurance company pay for my transportation to get to RHI?

Payment varies case by case.

How will I get to RHI?

The discharge case managers at the hospital where you are currently staying will be happy to make arrangements for you. In some cases, family may be able to transport you to RHI.

Can my children visit me?

Anyone can visit you during visiting hours. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

How many visitors may I have?

To maintain a healing environment, we request only 2 visitors per patient in a room at one time. Common areas are available throughout the facility for larger groups.

What are the visiting hours?

Visiting hours are from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. daily.