A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent


What will I be doing when I am not in therapy?

When not in therapy, patients typically rest, visit with friends and family, or find some form of recreation.

Can my family join me in therapy sessions?

Yes! Families are strongly encouraged to attend therapy sessions to observe and ask questions, especially those who will be the primary caregiver after discharge.

How many hours of therapy will I have each day?

Patients have 3-5 hours of therapy a day during the week. Weekend therapy is reduced to allow you to rest and visit with family and friends.

What time does my therapy start?

Inpatient therapy begins at 8:30a.m.

Can my family physician or specialist follow me to RHI?

If your physician/specialist is not currently granted staff privileges at RHI, they are able to apply for temporary privileges.

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