A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent


Can my family/friends eat with me?

Your friends and family may join you in the dining room for meals.

How will my family find me if they come to visit me while I am in therapy?

If family or friends cannot find you in your room, the unit staff can inform them whether you are in therapy and where they can find you.

Can visitors spend the night?

Visitors are not permitted to spend the night out of respect for privacy of the other patients. Accommodations can be made for caregivers and caregivers at nearby hotels at discounted rates.

Can my pets visit me?

Your dog may visit with the written permission of your physician, and upon the provision of proper documentation of current vaccinations. Please note that you will be issued a special tag for the dog’s collar. Your dog will not be allowed to visit without the special tag.

Do all rooms have phones with their own numbers so family and friends can call?

Yes, all patient rooms have phones for local calls, and can receive calls. Long distance calls can be made using a calling card.

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