A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent


Can I smoke at RHI?

All RHI facilities are smoke free.  Caregivers and visitors need to leave RHI property if they wish to smoke. Patients are not allowed to use tobacco products and cannot leave the property. Patients may speak with their physician to obtain medication to address this issue while they complete their rehabilitation at RHI.

Will I have a private room at RHI?

Rooms are semi-private at RHI.

How do we go about buying the needed equipment?

The discharge planners are the best resource for assisting you with these.

What kind of equipment will we need to buy when we go home?

Necessary equipment will depend on your progress and will be recommended by your therapists at the end of your stay. Your discharge planner will work with you to coordinate delivery of any needed equipment.

How will I get home from RHI?

A pending discharge date will be established by your treatment team based on your rehabilitation goals, progress toward the goals, and medical stability. Your RHI discharge planner will help coordinate transportation with you. Discharge is usually around at 10:00am.

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