A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent

RHI Sports FAQs

Who is eligible to participate with the sports program?

Any individual with a physical disability can participate with RHI Sports.

Are there competitive teams with the RHI Sports program?

RHI Sports does have competitive teams to go along with the recreational activities provided.

How can I stay in touch with what is going on with the RHI Sports Program?

RHI Sports Program has an email distribution list where potential participants are notified of upcoming events.  RHISP also has a monthly e-newsletter that includes updates on recent events and news on upcoming events.    Contact RHI Sports to be included on those lists.

Do you have a need for volunteers at events?

Volunteers are needed from time to time to help RHI Sports with putting on tournaments and fundraising events.

Is there a physician form that needs to be completed prior to participating on teams or events?

Athletes must have a form completed and signed by their doctor/physician prior to participating with RHISP teams and some recreational clinics.  Please contact RHI Sports for this form.