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Foundation Testimonials

RHI’s driving program has made a huge impact on my life.  The program has allowed me to get my driver’s license and regain my independence.  When I first started driving again, I felt like a sixteen year old kid again.  Except this time it was my wife worrying about me instead of my mom!  I have been able to return to my job as a salesman.  My job requires me to travel the state of Indiana and visit customers.

RHI’s driving program was instrumental to my progress.  I really enjoyed driving the van. It had several different hand controls I could try, different steering options, and seat positions.  The van performed flawlessly.

Tinette, my RHI driving instructor, was a pleasure to work with.   She was very patient and reassuring as I learned how to operate a vehicle with hand controls.  Not only did she teach me drive, but also how to get in and out of the van and fill it up with gas.  These simple task that i had taken for granted before, were major obstacles to over come.  I gained confidence each time we went out and ventured further from the safe confines of RHI’s parking lot.

I consider myself truly blessed to have been able to work with team from RHI.

Jay ShultzZionsville, IN

I give to RHI to help support the good clinicians and therapists like Dr. Brian Bartley.   Brian takes his time to understand his patients’ needs and their expectations of their treatment and that is so rare today.  Brian has been a godsend to me as he’s helped me with my multiple conditions.   I will continue to spread the good word about RHI!

Lavonna Norvell YalkutNoblesville, IN

I am active with the RHI Foundation because I can see and touch the people who are
doing the research and making a difference. It’s an opportunity for Hoosiers to help the
world one patient at a time today and many patients at one time tomorrow.

Scott Weaver, ChairmanIndianapolis, IN

Jerry and I feel that no amount of money nor anything we can do for RHI would ever be
enough to say, “Thank you!” for what you gave with your support, rehab talents, and
laughter. You have been a blessing to us and we pray we can help RHI meet the needs of

Anita & Jerry WayLaPorte, IN