A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent

Specialized Outpatient Services

Improve function.
Gain independence.
Find support.

Our brain injury rehabilitation services stay with you after you leave our acute inpatient program.

RHI NeuroRehabilitation Center is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility designed to help you achieve your highest potential.

Your NRC
Interdisciplinary Team:

  • Neuropsychologist
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Vision therapists
  • Case manager
  • Resource Facilitator
  • Neuropsychology Technician

Outpatient Therapy Programs:

We provide a seamless continuum of care from our acute inpatient rehabilitative care and stay with you for outpatient services. Our full-day rehabilitation programs for patients who have had a brain injury are unsurpassed.

As with our inpatient therapy, our outpatient rehabilitation therapies are based in proven research led by our team of neuropsychologists.

Vision program

Our specialized team of occupational therapists is focused on helping patients to improve their vision.

    Our team has expertise in providing:
  • Pediatric vision therapy
  • Adult post-brain injury and stroke vision rehabilitation
  • Treatment for degenerative eye diseases (such as Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy)
NRC Support & Education
    Brain Injury Community Re-Entry Program:
  • Comprehensive services assist patients who've suffered strokes or brain injuries to function independently in the community, home, and work settings
  • Clinicians address physical impairments and difficulties with memory, attention, communication, awareness, problem-solving, and emotional adjustment
Driving Evaluation & Training

This program promotes safety and independence as out patients strive to re-integrate into their community through our driving retraining program.

    Our specialized team of clinicians is trained in:
  • Screening limitations involving vision
  • Motor control
  • Cognition
  • Judgment
  • Safety
  • Road knowledge

Brain Injury Coping Skills Group:

This group is dedicated to providing brain injury survivors and their caregivers with education and coping skills to face long-term challenges in a supportive environment with other individuals facing the same situations and sharing the same concerns as participants in the rehabilitation process.

    Participants learn:
  • About the effects of brain injury
  • What to expect of recovery
  • The important role that caregivers play in rehabilitation
  • Goal-setting and goal-management training
  • Stress management and problem-solving skills
  • Long-term coping skills
  • Signs and symptoms of depression
  • Ways to manage various situations after a brain injury
Bridging the Gap Support Group

This award-winning support group for brain injury survivors and their caregivers is conducted in collaboration with the Brain Injury Association of Indiana. This group is dedicated to meeting the needs of survivors in outpatient rehabilitation, those who have completed rehabilitation, or those who never had rehabilitation.

    Participants can expect:
  • Caregivers and survivors are split into different sessions.
  • Social gatherings held provide additional network of support and satisfy social needs.
    Topics addressed include:
  • Situational problem-solving
  • Goal-setting
  • Returning to work
  • Returning to driving
  • Medication issues
  • Medicaid, disability, and other assistance programs
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